Welcome to Kulmis Driving School

In this directory you can find information about how to obtain a driving licence in Finland. Whether you have no licence at all, a foreign licence or you want additional lessons for a car (B-licence), we can help you.

Our driving school has two offices one near by MYLLYPURO metro station and another in Prisma’s VIIKKI hypermarket.

We also start courses flexibly, just ask next possible start from our office.


The new B-course starts on every business Thursday at 4pm at Myllypuro’s office.


New courses are marked as ”B1 ENG” on our calendar. You can sign up here.


10+10 (B-course) Trial licence

The fastest way to get B driving licence is to complete 10+10 trial licence. You can start 10+10 trial licence every business day. Visit the office and sign up for course. At the same time you will get all information and a timetable for virtual theory lessons. The final registration date is 30.06.2018.

10h theory lessons –>  the theory exam –>  9h driving lessons + 1h night driving with simulator –> driving exam.

At the beginning of the course, you will receive a personal username and password for the program (Webauto). In Webauto is possible to practice theory exercises with the netreeni program, read electronic textbook, follow and check completed lessons and invoices. And also add and updated your own contact information.

More information you will get from the office.



C-, CE-, D-, DE-courses will be organized according to demand. Please, take a contact the office.



A1-, A2- and A-course

All six  theory lessons will be on 15th of May at 11.00am at Viikki’s office. (B-licence needed for A2- and A-licence) After the theory lessons –> a driving lessons are arranged flexible! Sign up on website or visit the office!



Next scheduled B-courses (Basic Stage)

  •    26.04.2018,  4pm, Myllypuro
  •      3.05.2018,  4pm, Myllypuro
  •      9.05.2018,  4pm, Myllypuro
  •    17.05.2018,  4pm, Myllypuro
  •    24.05.2018,  4pm, Myllypuro


Next Advanced Stages:

  •    27.04.2018
  •    11.05.2018
  •    30.05.2018
  •    13.06.2018


Autokoulu Kulmis / Viikki
Viikintori 3, Viikin Prisma
00790 Helsinki

Office opening hours
mon-fri 10.00 am – 5.00 pm

Viikki Office tel. 050 447 7814
e-mail: viikki@autokoulukulmis.fi

Autokoulu Kulmis / Myllypuro
Kivensilmänkuja 1, Myllypuron ostari

00920 Helsinki

Office opening hours
mon-fri 10.00 am – 5.00 pm

Myllypuro Office tel. 040 411 6440
e-mail: myllypuro@autokoulukulmis.fi