The new driving licence law will enter into force on 1 July 2018

The new driving licence law modifies the requirements for driving category 1 driving class (light classes). Driver’s licence teaching will become one-step system and compulsory number of courses decreases and the exams will be more challenging. The same goes for all two-wheel drive gategories. The real classroom teaching disappears and the responsibility for the learning of driving is shifted more and more to the student theirself. The course materials is always included in the course price!

From 1.7.2018 the student who’s driving the first driving licence have to run a safety training (4h). The driving lessons can be started after safety training. If you already have an earlier driver’s licence you dont’ have to do safety training again!

The student have to do the risk management training (8h) before a driving exam. According to name, education focuses on identifying the risk involved in traffic and adopting the right approaches. The training includes 4 hours theory lessons and 4 hours of driving in the real environments.

A theory exam questions are more difficult and focus is on the road safety. A driving exam is longer and skills level tigher. The performance must be more smoother than during of the old driving licence law and of course driving have to be flexible and safety. We will provide all the driving teaching with the real passenger car, so you get the real driving feel from the beginning of driving education!