Passenger Car Course €895

The course can be started at any time by contacting the driving school.

All driving teaching will be given with the real passenger car, which mean you will get the real touching to driving instruction from the beginning. If you want the driving instruction can also be given by an automatic car without any extra charge.

The course includes:

  • office services
  • safety training will be performed online learning or virtual classroom
  • an electronic learning material and the learning environment with a level tests
  • an unlimited number of theory exam exercises
  • 10 hours of driving (à 50 min)
  • use of a school car in driving exam

Access to a theory exam is subject to a safety training or an earlier driving license, a valid driving license permit and a minimum age of 17 years to 11 months.

Driving hours are arranged flexibly from morning to evening. 

The student have to do the risk management training (8h) before a driving exam. This training is an entirely unique entity in which the driver learns traffic risks. The course includes 4 theory lessons and 4 driving hours, focusing on driving risks in urban, suburban, slippery and dark environments.

Other payments:

  • driving licence permit fee €35
  • theory and driving exam fees €125
  • the risk management training fee €379
  • slippery track fee €80

Age limit:

The driver’s licence age is 18 years. You can start driving a driver’s licence at the age of 16. The theory exam is possible to complete one month before you reach the age of 18 and you can take part in a driving exam when you are 18 years old.