Welcome to Kulmis Driving School !

In this directory you can find information about how to obtain a driving licence in Finland. Whether you have no licence at all, a foreign licence or you want additional lessons for a car (B-licence), we can help you.

Our driving school has three offices: Laajasalo Shopping Mall Saari, Myllypuro Shopping Centre and Viikki Prisma hypermarket. The passenger car course can be started at any time by contacting the driving school.

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The course fee includes e-learning environment and theory test practice. Also includes safety training for the first driver.

10h driving lessons

use of school car in a driving test

The price is valid from 19 November 2018 until further notice.



The training includes 4 hours of theory and 4 hours of driving in the real environments with a real passenger car! The risk management training will be arranged according to the student’s schedule and must be completed before the driving exam. Contact the driving school and we will arranged the course to you!


C/C1-, CE-, D/D1-, DE-courses will be organized according to demand. Please, take a contact the office.